Welcome to Partners in Making Your Case, a self-study course designed to help people advocate for positive changes in public policies that impact people with developmental disabilities and their families. It is designed for:

  • Self-advocates
  • Parents and family members of children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Direct care workers
  • Service providers
  • Professionals working in fields related to disability services.

Since 1987, graduates of Partners in Policymaking ® have used their newly-acquired advocacy skills to bring about major policy changes at all levels of government in the United States and around the world. These successes have improved the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

Partners in Making Your Case teaches the critical skills you need to be an effective advocate. After you have completed this course, you will:

  • Understand how public policy is made and who makes it;
  • Understand the advocacy process and apply it to your situation;
  • Be able to tell your story in writing and in person;
  • Know how to identify the policymakers who can help bring about the changes you need;
  • Write effective letters and e-mails;
  • Conduct meetings with policymakers;
  • Give effective testimony and answer questions; and
  • Organize with others to tackle community issues.
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