Partners in Living

Welcome to Partners in Living, a self-study course created to help people with developmental disabilities, their family and friends explore four important elements that, together, can help them create a meaningful life: Self-Determination, Family Support, Community Living and Assistive Technology.

Every person has the right to a full, meaningful life. The definition of a “meaningful life” isn’t the same for every person. What is meaningful to you may not be as important to your brother, roommate, co-worker, or neighbor.

In this course, you will decide what is meaningful to you and learn about:

  • Self-Determination and the importance of personal choice and life-planning.
  • Self-directed services and financial control, including examining funding sources.
  • Family Support and how it has changed over the years.
  • The financial, physical and emotional resources that can help your family stay together.
  • Community Living and some of the many options available to help people with developmental disabilities live independently in the community.
  • Assistive Technology and how it is changing the way people with developmental disabilities live, work and play.

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