In Partners in Time, you will learn how people with disabilities lived, learned and worked from ancient times to the present; recognize ways in which history repeats itself and how those abuses continue today under new names; connect early glimmers of progress with current initiatives; and
explore recent progress and celebrate the groundbreaking efforts that are building a more just, inclusive society.

Module 1 Learning Lessons from the Past
Unit 1 Module 1: Learning Lessons from the Past
Unit 2 Breaking the Cycle
Unit 3 Time and Again: Dehumanization and Devaluation
Unit 4 Time and Again: Exploitation
Unit 5 Time and Again: Abuse, Neglect and Homicide
Unit 6 Time and Again: Segregation and Isolation
Unit 7 Time and Again: Ignorance
Unit 8 Time and Again: Resignation
Unit 9 Quiz #1
Unit 10 Conclusion
Module 2 Ancient Times to 1949
Unit 1 Extra Help Along the Way
Unit 2 Module 2: Ancient Times to 1949
Unit 3 Embracing Our Shared Past
Unit 4 Living with a Disability
Unit 5 Institutions Emerge
Unit 6 Life in the Shadows
Unit 7 Scientific Segregation
Unit 8 Educating People with Disabilities
Unit 9 From School to Asylum
Unit 10 The Growth of Special Education
Unit 11 Work: The Final Frontier
Unit 12 Exercise: Ripped from the Headlines
Unit 13 ChangeMaker: Dorothea Lynde Dix
Unit 14 ChangeMaker: Alfred Binet
Unit 15 ChangeMakers: The Kennedy Family
Unit 16 Module Conclusion
Unit 17 Quiz #2
Module 3 1950 to 1979
Unit 1 Module 3: 1950 to 1979
Unit 2 The Times: Shifting Perceptions
Unit 3 The Times: The Age of the Institution
Unit 4 The Times: The Parent Movement
Unit 5 The Times: A Driving Force
Unit 6 The Times: A New Perspective
Unit 7 The Times: The Normalization Concept
Unit 8 Living in the 1950s
Unit 9 Learning in the 1950s
Unit 10 Working in the 1950s
Unit 11 The Times: The Media Enters the Fight
Unit 12 Living in the 1960s
Unit 13 Growth of Community Services
Unit 14 Learning in the 1960s
Unit 15 Working in the 1960s
Unit 16 The Times: A Glimpse of the Future
Unit 17 The Times: New Solutions to an Old Problem
Unit 18 The Times: The Independent Living Movement Begins
Unit 19 Living in the 1970s
Unit 20 Learning in the 1970s
Unit 21 The Courts Intervene
Unit 22 Innovative Approaches
Unit 23 Working in the 1970s
Unit 24 Legislation and Court Intervention
Unit 25 Exercise: Ripped from the Headlines
Unit 26 ChangeMakers: The Courts - Justice Prevails
Unit 27 ChangeMaker: Burton Blatt
Unit 28 ChangeMakers: Rosemary and Gunnar Dybwad
Unit 29 ChangeMaker: Marc Gold
Unit 30 Module Conclusion
Unit 31 Quiz #3
Module 4 1980 to 1999
Unit 1 Module 4: 1980 to 1999
Unit 2 The Times: Challenging Obstacles to Inclusion
Unit 3 The Times: Activism and Self-Advocacy
Unit 4 The Times: Advances in Technology
Unit 5 Living in the 1980s
Unit 6 Growth in Community Supports
Unit 7 The Growth of Family Supports
Unit 8 Learning in the 1980s
Unit 9 What is Integration?
Unit 10 Working in the 1980s
Unit 11 Equal Work, Unequal Pay
Unit 12 The 1990s: An Era of Sweeping Change
Unit 13 Living in the 1990s
Unit 14 Closing the Institutions
Unit 15 The Olmstead Decision
Unit 16 Learning in the 1990s
Unit 17 IDEA '97
Unit 18 Inclusive Education – Everyone Belongs
Unit 19 Working in the 1990s
Unit 20 The Challenge of Transition
Unit 21 Exercise: Ripped from the Headlines
Unit 22 ChangeMakers: Self-Advocates (1974-Today)
Unit 23 ChangeMaker: Ed Roberts
Unit 24 ChangeMaker: Madeleine C. Will
Unit 25 ChangeMaker: The Media
Unit 26 Module Conclusion
Unit 27 Quiz #4
Module 5 2000 to Present
Unit 1 Module 5: 2000 to Present
Unit 2 The Times: The ADA Turns 30
Unit 3 The Times: Implementing the Olmstead Decision
Unit 4 The Times: Self-Advocates Embrace Basic Rights
Unit 5 The Times: The Continuing Fight Against Aversive Techniques
Unit 6 The Times: Assistive Technology Leaps Ahead
Unit 7 The Times: The Digital Divide
Unit 8 The Times: Inclusion and Changing Attitudes
Unit 9 The Times: The Challenge of Aging
Unit 10 The Times: Person-Centered Planning Comes of Age
Unit 11 The Times: DSP Workforce Crisis
Unit 12 Living in the New Millennium
Unit 13 Living: Medicaid Waivers Expand Opportunities for Community Living
Unit 14 Living: Affordable Housing Shortage
Unit 15 Learning in the New Millennium
Unit 16 Learning: Transition Challenges Continue
Unit 17 Learning: Positive Behavioral Supports
Unit 18 Working in the New Millennium
Unit 19 The Fight for Equal Pay, Equal Opportunity Continues
Unit 20 Legislative Support Grows
Unit 21 Exercise: Ripped from the Headlines
Unit 22 ChangeMaker: Judge Donovan Frank
Unit 23 ChangeMaker: Greta Thunberg, Climate Change Activist and Time 2019 Person of the Year
Unit 24 ChangeMaker: Policymakers
Unit 25 ChangeMaker: Haben Girma, DeafBlind Activist and Harvard Law School Graduate
Unit 26 ChangeMakers: Partners in Policymaking Graduates
Unit 27 Quiz #5
Unit 28 Course Conclusion