Welcome to Partners in Employment, a self-study course designed to help people with developmental disabilities find meaningful jobs and jumpstart their careers.

Module 1 Getting to Work
Unit 1 Module 1: Getting to Work
Unit 2 Learning from Others
Unit 3 Where We've Been
Unit 4 The Disability Employment Gap
Unit 5 Transition Planning Promotes Employment
Unit 6 Disability Employment Today
Unit 7 Common Employment Barriers
Unit 8 Employment First initiatives
Unit 9 Who Benefits from Employment First?
Unit 10 Supportive Legislation and Legal Decisions
Unit 11 Employment Rights and Values
Unit 12 Success Begins at Home
Unit 13 Things Parents Can Do
Unit 14 A Parent’s Perspective
Unit 15 Transition Planning
Unit 16 Maximizing Transition Planning
Unit 17 Do your homework!
Unit 18 Project SEARCH
Unit 19 Project SEARCH in Action
Unit 20 The Employment System
Unit 21 Module Conclusion
Module 2 The World of Work
Unit 1 Module 2: The World of Work
Unit 2 Breaking the Cycle
Unit 3 Competitive Integrated Employment
Unit 4 Ready to Work
Unit 5 Customized Integrated Employment
Unit 6 Keys to Success
Unit 7 Common Employment Services and Supports
Unit 8 The Job Coach
Unit 9 Job Carving and Job Creation
Unit 10 Task Analysis
Unit 11 Career Exploration
Unit 12 Mentors, Internships and Apprenticeships
Unit 13 Natural Supports
Unit 14 Job Accommodations
Unit 15 Assistive Technology
Unit 16 Supported Employment
Unit 17 Be Your Own Boss
Unit 18 Self-employment
Unit 19 Careers in the Digital Economy
Unit 20 Self-Employment Resources
Unit 21 Conclusion
Module 3 Where to Get Help
Unit 1 Where to Get Help
Unit 2 Person-Centered Planning
Unit 3 Your Personal Network
Unit 4 Benefits Counselors
Unit 5 High School Transition Team
Unit 6 Post-Secondary Education
Unit 7 State Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Unit 8 Community Rehabilitation Providers
Unit 9 Social Security Benefits and Programs
Unit 10 Ticket to Work
Unit 11 PASS
Unit 12 Medicaid Home & Community-Based Waivers
Unit 13 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014
Unit 14 CareerOneStop
Unit 15 ABLE Accounts
Unit 16 Conclusion
Module 4 Ready, Set, Go!
Unit 1 Module 4: Ready, Set, Go!
Unit 2 Self-Determination and Informed Choice
Unit 3 Career vs. Job
Unit 4 Elements of a Career Plan
Unit 5 Career Planning for People with Developmental Disabilities
Unit 6 Why a Career Plan Matters
Unit 7 Creating Your Career Plan
Unit 8 Professional Discovery Process
Unit 9 Self-Guided Discovery
Unit 10 It’s All About You
Unit 11 Skills, Abilities and Interests
Unit 12 Getting Skills and Experience
Unit 13 Improving Social Skills
Unit 14 Special Considerations
Unit 15 Explore Careers that Interest You
Unit 16 Pulling It All Together
Unit 17 Starting Your Search
Unit 18 Resumés
Unit 19 Video Resumés
Unit 20 Visual Resumés and Portfolios
Unit 21 Well Done!
Module 5 Employment Ahead!
Unit 1 Module 5: Employment Ahead!
Unit 2 Networking
Unit 3 Online Job Sites
Unit 4 Social Media
Unit 5 Job Search Accommodations
Unit 6 Disclosure Dilemma
Unit 7 Applying for Jobs
Unit 8 Job Interviews
Unit 9 Successful Job Interviews
Unit 10 Questions You Can Ask
Unit 11 Questions Employers Can’t Ask
Unit 12 After the Interview
Unit 13 Evaluating a Job Offer
Unit 14 Your First Day
Unit 15 Using Self-Advocacy at Work
Unit 16 Requesting Accommodations and AT
Unit 17 Changing Expectations
Unit 18 Thinking Outside the Box
Unit 19 Employer Resources
Unit 20 Your Future Awaits!