Partners in Education is easy to navigate.

After completing each course unit (page), you’ll want to select “Mark as Completed” to record your progress through the course and allow you to proceed to the next unit.


Select the “Next Unit” link at the bottom of each page to move to the next unit.

Unit Completed

If you proceed to the next unit before marking the unit as completed you’ll see this alert:

You must complete the previous unit first.

Use “Back” on your browser, or select the unit from the right sidebar, to return to the previous unit, and mark it as complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must mark ALL units as completed to receive your Certificate of Completion. The final unit of this course contains an important Feedback Form. We ask that you complete this form to help us evaluate the effectiveness of these courses. After submitting the Feedback Form, be sure to mark the final unit as completed.

The right sidebar contains a listing of all units in the course, with the title of the course you’re taking at the top. The course units you’ve completed are highlighted. Units still to be completed are shown, but you must complete each unit in order to proceed. You can select completed units at any time to review the course content, you you will not be able to navigate to units that you have not completed.

Sidebar Navigation Key

In the the page header, you’ll find links to the web sites for Partners in Policymaking and the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Under the RESOURCES menu item, you’ll find a link to the Partners in Policymaking RESOURCES page, which contains Web resources, books, publications and videotapes, as well as reliable places to go for facts, statistics and other information.

A support contact form can by found under the SUPPORT menu item to request assistance with technical issues using this site.

A “Print This Page” icon appears at the bottom of each page, providing a printer-friendly page you can print on a connected printer.

Additional help with these courses can be found under the HELP menu item.