Getting Started

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    Partners in Employment
    Module 1 Getting Started-
    Unit 1 Minimum System Requirements
    Unit 2 Staying Safe on the Internet
    Unit 3 How Long the Course Takes
    Unit 4 Tips for Success
    Unit 5 What You'll Learn in the Course
    Unit 6 Overview of Six Modules
    Unit 7 Lessons, Assignments and Exercises
    Unit 8 Learning From Others
    Unit 9 Extra Help Along the Way
    Unit 10 Course Exams
    Unit 11 Certificate of Completion
    Unit 12 Getting Started
    Unit 13 How to Navigate the Course
    Module 2 World of Work+
    Unit 1 Module 2: World of Work
    Unit 2 What is a Job?
    Unit 3 The Disability Gap
    Unit 4 Where We've Been
    Unit 5 Expanding Opportunities
    Unit 6 Options for the Future
    Unit 7 Do You Know Today's Hot Jobs?
    Unit 8 Supported Employment
    Unit 9 Natural Supports
    Unit 10 Supported Employment: Do Natural Supports Happen Naturally?
    Unit 11 Reasonable Accommodations
    Unit 12 Exercise: What Kind of Support Is It?
    Unit 13 The Hiring Process
    Unit 14 What Employers Want
    Unit 15 Preparing for the Job Hunt: Creating A Career File
    Unit 16 Putting It All Together
    Unit 17 Exam #1
    Unit 18 Exam #1: Answer Key
    Module 3 Finding a Career Meant For You+
    Unit 1 Module 3: Finding a Career Meant For You
    Unit 2 Think Career, Not Job: Pursuing Your Dreams
    Unit 3 Think Career, Not Job: Career Planning For People With Developmental Disabilities
    Unit 4 Your Personal Network - Strength in Numbers
    Unit 5 The Discovery Process
    Unit 6 Documenting Discovery
    Unit 7 Exercise: Catch Your Personal Network
    Unit 8 Assignment: What's Your Personal Network?
    Unit 9 Finding the Perfect Fit: Skills and Abilities
    Unit 10 Exercise: Match Up the Right Skills
    Unit 11 Assignment: What Do Other People Do?
    Unit 12 Assignment: What Are Your Skills and Abilities?
    Unit 13 Finding the Perfect Fit: Wants and Needs
    Unit 14 Assignment: Determining a Want or Need
    Unit 15 Assignment: What Are Your Wants and Needs?
    Unit 16 Finding the Perfect Fit: Conditions For Work
    Unit 17 Assignment: What's Right For You?
    Unit 18 Finding the Perfect Fit: Special Considerations
    Unit 19 Assignment: Pushing the Limits
    Unit 20 What Do You Want To Do?
    Unit 21 Exercise: Surfing the Web For Ideas
    Unit 22 You Be the Boss
    Unit 23 Networking - What's In Your Backyard?
    Unit 24 Assignment: Fitting the Pieces of Your Puzzle
    Unit 25 Pulling It All Together
    Unit 26 Exam #2
    Unit 27 Exam #2: Answer Key
    Module 4 Careers in the Digital Economy+
    Unit 1 Careers in the Digital Economy
    Unit 2 Exercise: "The World Needs All Kinds of Minds"
    Unit 3 The Digital Economy
    Unit 4 Using Technology in 21st Century Careers
    Unit 5 Critical Skills in the Digital Economy
    Unit 6 Exercise: Think Positive
    Unit 7 Meet the Future Face of Employment
    Unit 8 Keys to Finding the Right Job
    Unit 9 Assessing Your Skills and Interests
    Unit 10 Exercise: Making the Most of WOW! Skills
    Unit 11 Exercise: Making the Most of WOW! Skills - Answer Key
    Unit 12 Careers That Work with Your Way of Thinking
    Unit 13 Exercise: Matching Your Interests to the Job
    Unit 14 Exercise: Matching Your Interests to the Job - Answer Key
    Unit 15 Do You Have What It Takes?
    Unit 16 Employer Resources
    Unit 17 Other Employment Options
    Unit 18 Exercise: Aspiritech's Successful Approach
    Unit 19 Exercise: Aspiritech's Successful Approach - Answer Key
    Unit 20 Building Soft Skills
    Unit 21 Self-Advocacy
    Unit 22 Pulling It All Together
    Unit 23 Exam #3
    Unit 24 Exam #3 - Answer Key
    Module 5 Marketing Yourself+
    Unit 1 Module 5: Marketing Yourself
    Unit 2 Putting Your Story Together
    Unit 3 Video Resumes
    Unit 4 Putting Your Story on Paper: Types of Resumes
    Unit 5 Assignment: Building Your Resumé
    Unit 6 Putting Your Story On Paper: When Portfolios Are Preferred
    Unit 7 Putting Your Story On Paper: Cover Letters
    Unit 8 Exercise: What's Right About This Cover Letter?
    Unit 9 Exercise: What's Right About This Cover Letter?
    Unit 10 Putting Your Story On Paper: Filling Out Job Applications
    Unit 11 Using Social Media to Find a Job
    Unit 12 When and How to Disclose a Disability: The Disclosure Dilemma
    Unit 13 When and How to Disclose a Disability: Pros and Cons of Disclosing
    Unit 14 Take Action! Make a Plan
    Unit 15 Take Action! Ready, Set, Contact!
    Unit 16 Assignment: Planning Your Search
    Unit 17 Before the Interview: Be Prepared
    Unit 18 Before the Interview: Get the Facts
    Unit 19 Before the Interview: Time and Place
    Unit 20 Before the Interview: Questions and Answers
    Unit 21 Exercise: What an Employer Can and Cannot Ask
    Unit 22 Before the Interview: Questions You Don't Have to Answer
    Unit 23 Telling Your Story In-Person: I'm OK, You're OK
    Unit 24 Telling Your Story In-Person: The Employer's Point of View
    Unit 25 Telling Your Story In-Person: First Impressions Count!
    Unit 26 Telling Your Story In-Person: Getting Help During the Interview Process
    Unit 27 Telling Your Story In-Person: Ending the Interview
    Unit 28 The Waiting Game
    Unit 29 Evaluating the Job
    Unit 30 Accepting a Position
    Unit 31 Pulling It All Together: Nicely Done!
    Unit 32 Exam #4
    Unit 33 Exam #4: Answer Key
    Module 6 Conclusion - The Future Awaits!+
    Unit 1 Conclusion - The Future Awaits!
    Unit 2 Partners in Employment Feedback
    screen1-480x480 The app, "Telling Your Story," helps you create and practice your personal story with tips on how to best present yourself, to help inform and educate your elected public officials about issues that are important to you.

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    Android phone version - Google Play

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    For those who cannot use this app, here is a basic script for any communication with a public official >>